The 3252 Breakdown - LAFC vs NYCFC



As we move along into the season, not only does LAFC keep on climbing and getting better, but so do I! More ideas are coming to light, and with my school year over this week (woot woot!!) I will have more time for in depth pieces on what’s going with our squad and breaking down stats and some more in-depth ideas.

Starting today though, and following each game, I’ll be giving my 3252 breakdown of the game. What does that mean? I’ll review 3 things that went well in the game, 2 things that need to be improved on, 5 key moments of the match, and finally my 2 players of match. I feel like this format will be different than a majority of the recaps you read from your other blog posts, and it still allows me to dig in a little bit with what is going on in games. So, let’s get started!


1.The pace in which LAFC moved the ball. Even though we had less passes overall, we had the most crosses and most long passes for the season thus far. The attacking players on the pitch were finding space in between NYC defenders, allowing us to break quickly.

2.Our defense locked down NYCFC at times, especially David Villa. They had 26 total interceptions of the ball, again the highest for the season. Placing pressure on the ball dribbler allowed us to control the pace of the game and let us go on the break.

3.Crosses and corners! Not only did we have a lot of corners, but we also 23 total crosses! We created opportunities down the wings, and had bodies in the middle of the box, just waiting to put their boot to the ball. Our two goals came from crosses, proving to me that we can score on these great chances!


1.Tyler Miller’s positioning during the game. I’ve been avoiding this subject all year, but it’s a miracle we haven’t given up more goals due to this aggression towards the attacking player. The second goal by NYCFC shouldn’t have happened, particularly from that small of an angle.

2.Midfield possession needs to be addressed, and quickly. Hopefully Lee Nguyenis close to understanding the LAFC system because it is a glaring hole in our team. Ciman is dictating play from his backline, which doesn’t work well when we are in the attacking third.


1.Vela scoring in the North End. While I wasn’t at this match, I can tell you that the first thing I yelled out when Vela scored was “FINALLY THE 3252 HAVE THEIR GOAL!” It took four matches, but the most passionate fans finally got to see their team score in front of them. Pretty special moment.

2.Walker Zimmerman’s header right in the middle of the first half. LAFC really needed to go into the locker room with the score level in order to keep NYCFC in their place. Zimmerman got high and placed the ball well, and with some fortune, NYC helped it go in.

3.Tyler Miller stopping a breakaway with his face. NYCFC had a great opportunity to score a few times towards the end of the game, but Miller shut down one of them with his face. Literally.

4.Blessing’s miss at the 71st minute. I don’t what it is about this team and open goals and missing, but that’s about 6 misses in 3 games but my unofficial count. If we would have gone up 3-1, I think we easily take the 3 points.

5.VAR. While the debate about VAR is fairly passionate, I’m in the camp of it being good for the game. Still, another VAR went against us (about the 3rd one this season). Miller does a great job blocking the initial penalty shot by Villa, but the rebound was too quick. Luckily, our resilience let us grab a point.


1.Latif Blessing. Blessing was everywhere, never giving up on the play. People on Twitter were calling him the honey badger, and I would have to agree! He never gave up on plays, always causing pressure and tension to NYC. While he didn’t score, he was crucial to the win.

2.Carlos Vela. Played a great game again. The goal he scored in the North End was great, creating space for himself to slot the ball into the net. He also had some runs and had a great play down the goal line beating a few NYC players. I refuse to believe the World Cup is next month, because I have no idea how we are going to replace him for the month.

Overall, it was a really good home stand by LAFC. 8 points from 4 games is always going to be good. On the road we go again, heading up to Portland to take on the Timbers. Should be a really interesting game, especially since Portland beat Seattle on Sunday. Until then, Stay Golden!