Montreal Impact v LAFC: Ciman’s Homecoming




Well, last week was fun! It’s amazing how much fun soccer can be when your team fires on all cylinders and controls a majority of the game. I didn’t get to watch the game live, but on replays, it was fun to see how much LAFC was moving the ball around, once again, changing it up from what we have seen in previous games. I am starting to feel really good about this team, especially once the World Cup comes around and we lose some of our players. But I’ll digress on that topic for now, we can go more into once rosters are announced towards the end of May.

Looking forward to the game tomorrow, all I can think about is Ciman. If you don’t know the story of Ciman and Montreal, I highly recommend you look it up. To put it briefly, he moved from Europe to Montreal, fell in love with it, had a “verbal agreement” that he was going to stay long term, and then was shockingly traded to LAFC. I can only image the reaction that he is going to get from the fans tomorrow and the emotion that is going to be going though him as well. While he was a beloved figure in Montreal, I feel like I can safety say he is starting to become one here in LA, especially since he will always hold the title for being our first captain.

With regards to the game, the Impact are off to a mediocre start, only averaging one point per game. They have lost their last two games on the road, both to New York Red Bulls, and New England. Tomorrow is only going to be their second home game of the season, so they will be looking to get the crowd support around them. They don’t have a lot of offensive firepower, only scoring 5 goals so far this season, but if their defense clamps down, they could easily win a game 1-0, as they have twice this season. It will be really important for our boys in Black and Gold to move the ball quickly and make lots of runs off the ball as well. If we can get that first goal of the match, Montreal will have to open up possession, allowing LAFC the opportunity for more shots and breakaways. I feel that LAFC is going to what to make a statement before their first home game at the Banc, so I see a final score line of 2-0 again, with Rossi and Blessing getting onto the scoresheet!

In personal news, I’ll be at the open house/viewing party at the Banc tomorrow, so if anyone wants to meet up and say hello, please hit me up on Twitter at @apdoran. I’m really looking forward to taking some photos and will hopefully write my first impressions by early next week! Enjoy the game tomorrow, and as Jerry says, “Stay Golden!!”



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