LAFC vs Galaxy Match Preview

* In preparation for this Saturday’s Derby between LAFC and Galaxy, our newest member of the team Mr. Andrew Doran gives you a preview! Welcome to the team Andrew!-  

There are many great soccer/football rivalries around the world, each with its own unique name, and each with its own reason why the opposite side hates the other. There are too many to include, but the major one’s include: The Old Firm from Scotland, Celtic v Rangers; El Clásicofrom Spain, Barcelona v Real Madrid; and the North London Derby from England, Arsenal v Tottenham. Starting on Saturday, we are going to be able to add one more major soccer rivalry to this list, El Tráfico, LAFC v Galaxy.

This is a game that we, LAFC fans, have been waiting for since we started to follow our team. Of course, there were other games that we have circled, like our first ever game and our first ever home opener, but this game against the other team from Los Angeles County has been in the back of everyone’s mind. The nickname, El Tráfico, is perfect for Angeleno’sthat understand our unique city. Who cares if no one else like it, it’s important to have something we can call our own and that has come organically from the depths of the internet.

Even though the season is early, these two teams could not be further apart from one another going into this battle. Carson are coming into the game with a win (2-1 over the Timbers), a draw (last week against the Whitecaps), and a loss (2-1 to NYCFC). More importantly, they added to their roster recently, adding the old man from Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimović. Zlatan has always been a character no matter where he plays, and there will be no difference when he plays for the Galaxy. He will be a lot of noise, score some stunning goals, but in the end, will not help his team to a championship. He is the second oldest player for the Galaxy, who somehow have two players over the age of 35 (he’s behind Ashley Cole who’s 37).

LAFC, on the other hand, are coming into this game on fire. Two road games and two wins is pretty much the perfect start of a season that everyone wished for. A 1-0 win over Seattle (thanks to Tyler Miller) and a 5-1 thrashing over Real Salt Lake, set up LAFC to make headlines across MLS. 20-year-old Diego Rossi has lived up the hype as a DP player and our other DP, 29-year-old Carlos Vela, has proved that he can provide assists and leadership that this team’s needs. Even our old man captain (read: 32 years old) Laurent Ciman is proving that he can direct the backline, only allowing 1 goal over the two games.

Let’s not think of anything else about it, El Tráfico on Saturday is going to be lit. It already has the makings of a classic: a sold-out stadium, a huge away fan base all wearing black, and the first ever bragging rights to the city. This is not going to be a game for the faint of heart, especially for the supporters. There’s a reason that Fox is playing the game on Big Fox, so they can get the most eyeballs as possible on the game, as it’s going to be a great view of current day MLS. While this game is going to be evenly matched in intensity, I think Carson has so much more to lose than LAFC, which is going to place all the pressure on them. I see Rossi, Vela, and Latif Blessing, making a mess of the backline of Carson. The Galaxy have not seen the offensive firepower that LAFC can bring, and I feel like it will burn them on multiple occasions. Even if Zlatan makes an appearance in this game, he will only make a minor impact because LAFC will have wrapped up the first ever El Tráfico. Remember, this LAFC team was not only formed to take on everyone else in the MLS, it was formed to take over Los Angeles.

Final Score: LAFC 3–1. Scorers: LAFC - Vela, Blessing, Ureña. Carson Galaxy – dos Santos


-Andrew Doran