Black & Gold Rally 2

LAFC BnG Rally #2-8.JPG

To say that the Black & Gold Rally 2 was a blast would be the understatement of the year. My wife, Nydia, and I drove up to Boomtown Brewery and right away saw the LAFC tents near the front entrance. checked-in, received our drink tickets, and headed inside. WE headed towards the beer taps for our first beer of the night. I must say that, as a craft beer enthusiast, i was not disappointed!

BoomTown Brewery has some of the best craft beers i have tasted in Los angeles. as we turned away from the bar area, we could see the awesome tifo that our friends of the lucky boys had created, hung from the wall. a tifo featuring felix the cat, a figueroa St icon, rocking his lucky boys scarf. there was also banners hung for some of the other supporter groups showcasing the creativity of the supporters.

One can only imagine how great the tifos on game day will be! we then mingled and met some pretty awesome people. I was given the honor of taking over the Kicktv snapchat account for this event so i was busy making the rounds and talking to as many people as possible. i had some great conversations over a pint or two and introduced a few people to the podcast.

Chef Alan with puertos del pacifico was present and selling his amazingly delicious tacos which paired perfectly with the beers. we listened to the supporter groups chant the night away. their voices were accompanied by drums and percussion making even the stiffest of people want to dance.

Over all, i can say it was one of the most fun events ive been a part of, second only to game day tailgates! Below I leave you with some of the sights of the second black & gold rally. Quick shout out to edgar garibay for the photos! Looking forward to the next one.